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5 countries of Pacific Asia with Backpack Garden

5 countries of Pacific Asia with Backpack Garden


Japan is an amazing country, very unique in the world. After being closed to the world for centuries and develop the consciousness of samuraï. The country provide amazing sightseeing, volcanoes, beach, temple, as an incredible urban lifestyle with themed restaurant and themed area. We can enjoy there like nowhere else in the all world some very specific japanese culture related activities : Sumo, Kimono, Manga, Sushi, Shinto temple, Japanese castle, traditionnal handycraft … A true visit in an unique country than we cherish a lot at the backpack Garden.

Mont Fuji from Kitadake

Top point ( of the day ) ? 

Enjoying Akihbara, an area in the heart of Tokyo than every Otaku* in the world would love for gaming, doujinshi, self-made manga , maid cafe and cosplay as for enjoying idol band and the most famous of them AKB48.

The choice of Alan Parker in Japan ? 

Trendy, classy and funny, the clown backpack will offer you a real popularity in Tokyo who use to have these type of representation as interaction, fashion victim will probably ask you where did you buy it ? 

Korea ( we mean South Korea … ) 

South Korea has surprised the world by its fantastic economic success. From a poor country, south Korea developed a lot of fascinating process, and big company, Samsung in the highlight, to become now one of the top economic country in the world. The quick growing let on the road the old style ajuma ( old lady ) than you can appreciate as a tourist but some of the best place to go out and shop as Korean fashion has also been deeply developed.

Top point (of the day) ? 

We stay in Seoul and we decide to select Gangnam ! So, the area is worlwide famous thanks (because?) the Gangnam style of PSY but it was already the case before ! Top point for luxury fashion, and best club in town, Gangnam is worth the visit ( the imperial palace as well. If you appreciate the Korean beauty, it’s also a key place to go specially at spring when flowers blossoms ).

The choice of Alan Parker in Korea ? 

Well established in black and white fashion, you don’t need to look too trendy in south Korea, except if you are ready to spend a very huge amount of money. Alan Parker advice to go with a very reasonable priced black backpack, strass will help you to gain popularity.


We don’t talk much about the island, and we are wrong. Taïwan is very interesting on many points. There are old ethnies living there on the East seaside coast, the island was colonized by Japan before, then back to China, before becoming relatively independant when they decide to leave chinese communism to build a own new country. Life in Taïwan is incredibly peaceful compare to its high degree of development. A place to have a sweet life with high standards.

Top point (of the day) ? 

Hmm. We decide to leave to the east and Hualien county before reaching Taito. The ethnical part of Taïwan offer a wide range of customs than the visitor will definetely find as interesting.

The choice of Alan Parker in Taïwan ? 



China is a massive country. Nearly a continent. Talking about China in just a few sentences is partially a non sense. That’s why we focused on the old imperial civilization than China has been, developing world treasure as the forbidden city, the old city of Xian, and now developing new architecture and unique design. A country growing quickly in despite of its weight.

Top point (of the day) ? 

Alan decided to leave for the mountain of the east, or Taishan, one of the Five sacred mountain at west of Beijing and for cause, it’s said to be the departure point of imperial China more than 3 millenary ago and numeral references bring the mountain of the east as the one we should visit for success. ( it’s also beautiful like hell actually ! )

The choice of Alan Parker in China ? 

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was UK, it’s China since 1997 but still having an autonomous legal system. Well know for its central island, and its building, Hong Kong is an amazing small territory for its cinema, famous in Asia, for its local food “Dim sum”.

Top point (of the day) ? 

Even if Victoria Peak is an “have to visit”, we decided to bring you in Lamma island ( 30 minutes by ferry from Central – number 5 ) at the winter. Because the pacific turtle reproduce them on the south side of the island, and also because in despite of the high density of population living in the Hong Kong territory you will discover a no man’s land ( and maybe it will give you some harmonies ).

The choice of Alan Parker in Hong Kong ? 

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