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5 principles of TokeTake

5 Principles of TokeTake


The quality of our products is a matter to us. We won’t provide to our customers any low value items.


The process of creation of our products are established to be in agreement with the Nature, we use what we need, and we give back as much than we can.

Customer service.

Because our customers have a big value we are concerned about all the problem they could have with the products. If our mistake, we replace the product, or we totally refund you.


Because our products are done to look elegant as natural.

Long term vision.

Because we believe in long term relation with our customers and our main provider, the Nature, TokeTake helps association to rebuilt forest, and offer seed to sustainable form of agriculture as soon as than one of our products is buyed.

TokeTake Charter

The company charter announces the fundamental values of a company as well as its missions and all those of its partners. By this company charter, we demonstrate the commitments that we follow.

1) Our ambition.

Become a reference in the development of sustainable accessories for fashion industry.


2) Our responsibility.

Aware of the role that we have to play as a company and actor in sustainable development in the world, we ensure all the aspects of our responsibility which fall within the economic and environmental aspects of our activity.


3) Our Missions.

Every day TokeTake takes notes of its customers and partners concerns and gets satisfaction on their part. We generate profits and growth thanks to products and reliable services. We reinforce our position on the market and our skills with strategic acquisitions. Finally we earn their trust by realizing great performances and practicing active and intelligible communication.

Our company aims to ensure its long term development by controlling its funding in order to ensure a good sustainability. Pus, the strategic development of TokeTake requires a permanent prospective view centered on innovation.

In order to promote and protect the sustainable development, it is important for us to help individuals to make their own contribution. This is why for any purchase on TokeTake, bamboo seeds will be delivered to people thanks to a partnership that our company has with bamboo groves around the world. The contribution for the environment is one of the major points of the 21th century. The bamboo exploitation can help with its many specialties.


  • Biodiversity:

The bamboo promotes the biodiversity by providing shelter, protection for many species of animals.

  • The fight against climate changes:

The bamboo takes the CO2 emissions that we reject and limits the climate changes and global warming. It also helps us in producing the necessary oxygen.

  • Generator of savings:

Bamboo grows very fast (you can use it after 2 or 3 years) and requires no chemical treatments and little water.

  • Use diversified:

Bamboo is used in many domains: food, medicine, construction, furniture and textiles.

  • Assistance landscape:

The Bamboo structures landscapes and prevents soil erosion.

Your project.

When you receive your seeds, you can plant them and permit the development of a new forest area that can contribute to the development of the planet and the purification of the air. You can plant in your garden or in your house for a simple goal of aesthetics, or for convenience like a hedgerow. You also have the possibility to contribute to the reforestation in an area or for business.


4) Our Values.

Our values can be divided in different parts.

  • Trust:

We act with honesty and a sens of responsibility. The relationship that we have with our customers and our partners presents itself in a long term spirit of partnership. We keep our word.

  • Dynamism:

We define new channels and innovative solutions and we speak with our partners. We are efficient and determined.

  • Enthusiasm:

We are open minded, interested, motivated and we absolutely take account of our customers and partners concerns. They are the center of our activity. 

  • The sustainable environment:

As a player of sustainable development, the respect for the environment is one of our priorities. We try to control our carbon footprint with a control of our consumption in energy and environmental actions (management of waste, etc). We select, support and assist many programs that promote biodiversity ans development of living. Of course, if there is doubts about a possible impact on the environment because of our activities, we will apply the precautionary principle.

  • Social responsibility:

Social responsibility is a major commitment for TokeTake. We want to ensure to our staffs good living conditions as well as satisfactory jobs.

Working methods and career opportunities within our company are designed in order to satisfy our employees and allow to meet their needs.

We engage in a constant improvement of the ability to reconcile professional and family life and we offer to our employees working conditions that allow them to find a satisfactory framework of activity.


5) Our Customers.

We design each relationship with our customers as a partnership, based on professionalism and mutual trust. We know their needs and wishes thanks to regular contacts and act with accuracy and reliability. Plus, we achieve a high level of fidelity thanks to many advises and an excellent service. We defend their interests and cooperate with our partners for a better result.

We provide to our clients any solution adapted to their needs as well as the simplest service delivery. We are committed to respect all the payment and delivery terms for our customers.

To make the most satisfactory service to our customers, we seek and offer the highest quality in all our services as well as our partners’ qualifications.

We attach an importance to the quality of services and we listen our customers to adapt as much as possible to their needs and anticipate with them an improvement process.


6) Our Partners.

Our process organisation which aims constantly improve the quality of our services for clients requires the commitment of high skilled partners with professional and personal integrity.

We try to do everything to attract and retain the most qualified partners (in knowledge and experience) for a high level of expertise. We promote the business relationship with our suppliers and partners who share our values, aiming to maintain an administrative balanced and flexible way.

We consider our partners well trained, motivated and competent like one of the most important point of our success. That is why we attach a great importance to the respect between them, to the collaboration teamwork and the will to participate in the sustainable development. We focus above average performance so at any time we can fully meet the expectations of our customers and investors.


7) Our Environment.

We are present on all our markets with a consistent image and we make known our interests and objectives by an understandable, reliable and sustainable communication. We always want to provide our services in harmony with our environment by taking in consideration the public concerns. We bring our support to projects (bamboo seeds and sustainable development). Finally we are committed to adopt ethical, moral and legal plans.

We always respect the laws and international conventions in all the countries where we operate and we do not collaborate with entities which do not respect them (if we are aware of their politics). We care to the human rights respect as they are recognized at the international level and we reject any corruption or malfeasance and any forced labor. We expect to our employees a compliant behavior for the legislation.

Aware of the human being value in the economic model that we want to support and develop, we forbid the authoritarian and directive management model and we implement a model of cooperative management with initiatives, proactive efforts and team spirit.We forbid any unethical practice and we are committed to promote tolerance, mutual respect and the search for peaceful solutions. We condemn all discrimination on the basis of gender, confession, personal beliefs, race or origin of the individuals.






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