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Body chan and body kun, an help for illustrators.

Body chan and body kun became an help for illustrators without real competitors ?

Body Kun, body chan - Drawing become easier

We all know how japanese people are crazy about expressing themself through illustrations. At a point than the Komiket, a convention related basically to manga and doujinshi* (homemade manga) established itself as the most crowded convention related to japanese culture in the world. [Komiket official website]

It occurs in Tokyo Big Eyes, twice a year, in august and December, and until now keeps an Otaku* tradition as pictures inside the convention are forbidden. Nevertheless you can find numerous photographic on Flickr as outside cosplayers enjoy to show their creations.

Body Chan, Former version pale orange.

Two figures were created for helping amateur and professional drawers in their work. With a female and male aspect, they are respectively called Body Chan and Body Kun. After their decorative aspect and their aestheticism (for recent version – DX) and for a few other uses that professionals can find, their main utility is concentrated in a system of more than 30 joints. These joints are able to create almost identical movements as those of a real human being for a perfect realism.

It is with no doubts a must have to facilitate the work without a human model thanks to its morpho-realistic appearance. The booklet explains how to practice, here come a slight view :

The DX version comes with a variety of hands and accessories making scenery easier to create, and unlimited imagination.

To draw, the gray version is preferred, even if the pale orange version looks good. Both let appears a bigger variety of shadow. The black version is the beloved one for artist who which to paint it as their tastes, as their arts, guide them.

Cheaper is the former version. 

The former version is slightly stiffer and comes without accessories. But with more details on the body and the face, it sometimes appeals more than DX version even if in reality a huge quality gap are separating the two versions.

Also ?

The DX version has more types of hands and possess accessories in order to display more action possibilities.


Dolk – because we desperately love them.

Dolk is an extremely delightful and articulated figure which is composed of 80 joints. It is realistic and very aesthetic. Also very expensive ($320) and available in a low quantity in stock, it is only for sale on the creator’s website. But its possibilities of movements are so incredible that if you have the possibilities to get it, do not hesitate.

Beautiful DOLK, deeply in love with this figure.

Our Model RX01 – 28 cm because it’s trendy and worth the value. 

28 centimeters of a sculptural robot. Humanoid, realism, articulation and aesthetism that’s what we got by buying our new trendy product. The RX01. Buyers are always happy to make this deal. It comes in black skin or in a well painted white skin.


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