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Japan culture arts and traditions category aims to provide aesthetics and useful information related to Japanese culture. Through ages, the archipelago of Japan shows multiples interests in arts, and created a very specifical culture to transform daily life into a bound of very japanese little things.

The tradition in Japan are kept in a good form and most than any country in the world they keep being very specific to the country. In a sequel of word :

  • Manga
  • Sumo
  • Sushi
  • Geisha
  • Samurai
  • Shinto
  • Anime
  • Hiragana
  • Ukyo-e
  • Theater No, Bunraku, Kabuki
  • Kodo
  • Archipel

The modern Japanese creativity seems endless. In various fields starting from architecture, to gardening, by painting, video gaming, illustrations, … The Japanese taste on things which make them original as crazy sometimes, and a ability to transfer inspiration to real world which creates wide scale movement : Kawaii, Lolita, Manga, …

  • Kawaii things are born from this imagination. Keeping women in a doll world where everything is cute.
  • Idol bands followed more determinate to bring young men otakus into love addiction.
  • Vocaloid was born and Miku Hatsune did her first holographic concert.

The country of abstraction where everything has a sense, and where life is ephemera. Such an unique country to discover :

Kimmidoll – Most asian brand from Australia

The Kimmidoll was created in 2008 by an Australia designer.  Basically, all characters from the universe of Kimmidoll own their name and bring different kind of luck to their owner. The kimmidoll™ brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls [...]

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Hideyuki Katsumata

Japanese illustrator based in Tokyo, Hideyuki Katsumata, has been exploring art mostly through his representation of Yokai (妖怪). A class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore. People can particularly appreciate his "craziness" bringing Yokai in the middle of a luxury brand and his most famous character : Hanauta. The musical style also bring to the [...]

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Ghibli in Pixel art

The Ghibli studios are object to many regards from all over the world, and it's not a hazard if one of their movie "Spirited away" have been ranked number 4 in best movie of 21st century by the BBC. The colossal work of Ghibli inspire artist, fan artist and geek culture which always find a [...]

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Opportunities to wear kimonos in Japan

The kimono is the most famous traditional Japanese cloth. Before the appartion of western style clothes in Japan, it was refering to all kind of clothing in feudal Japan. With its unique shape "in T", it is nowadays more known for important occasions. Here is a summary of some opportunities to wear kimono in Japan. The [...]

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