Korea culture

Korea culture brings particular gifts from history as dress and accessories, and a lot of fashion, cosmetic, products derivative from Kpop in the modern culture.

Korea culture has a very old tradition. The Gojoseon (Old Joseon) kingdom, which is considered as base of Korea, was founded in northern Korea and Manchuria in 2333 BC.

A brief history :

The history of Korea is marked by territorial dispute to rule the full country, named the 3 kingdoms, which has been ended when the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910) was proclaimed. A long period of internal peace follows this proclamation.

King Sejong in 15th century who unified consequently Kingdom of Korea to talk about one and unique country. He also promulgate Hangul, the Korean alphabet in order to be able to transcribe Korean language far better than what Chinese characters were doing.

Until the modern era and in despite of severals foreigns invasion the Joseon Dynasty will keep the governance of Korea. Assassinated by Japanese ronins in 1896, the empress Myeongseong, will lead her husband to create the empire of Korea until 1910 and the decision by Japan to invade Korea and made a protectorate.

After the 2nd world war Korea was divided in 2. In the north communist and in the south liberal under protection of USA. A war started in 1950 lead by the north to unify the country which failed in their enterprise, driving a lot of casualties. Nowadays, we essentially talk about south Korea when talking about Korea. North Korea is closed to foreign investment, and open tourism, in very special conditions, only a few years ago.

Modern Korea : Entertainment and development.

South Korea has developed itself very quickly since 1987 until reached the same level of life than we can find in Japan, Europa or North America. It is now a wealthy place in the world, and Korea spread their urban and modern culture recently to the world.

K-pop, the pop music from Korea, has been popularized naturally since its development, it known a boost with the launching of the single “gangnam style” by Psy, a famous Korean singer, which was the 1st Youtube video to reach the 1 billion views. Outside of this single, Kpop music is very popular, and was before gangnam style, in all Asia and communities of followers in Europa and Usa, which brings Korea to be a more popular touristic spot.

Drama has also gain their world popularity and made, once again, Korea a nice place to deal with.

Fashion, as cosmetics, in Korea are a very important part of the modern culture. South Korean is the 1st market in the world for man cosmetics which displays a wide variety of products, known for their quality and their efficiency.

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