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Shishi Nguyen

Shishi Nguyen


One of the famous, and young, illustrator in Vietnam, Shishi Nguyen. Vietnam may not be a big name in the illustration world but there are many young talents, passionate, who deserve recognition. They are working hard to show to the world the Vietnamese culture. Many of them have been graduated from art school and some show their talents into freelance collaborations.



Special quote:

“ Nếu có kiếp sau, tôi muốn làm một cơn gió, thổi qua những cánh đồng, những con sông, những đại dương rồi phiêu tán nơi tận cùng thời gian…”

“If afterlife exists , I want to be a wind, to be free to fly through the beautiful fields , the rivers , the oceans.. fly away to the endless time….”


Shishi has received a lot of awards and she develops her artworks to bring more joy in her illustrations.

Shishi Nguyen in a few words :

  • She is living in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • She is graduated of Art university.
  • She sells illustrated notebook.
  • She uses watercolor.
  • She is locally famous in despite of her age.


Her talent: Having a wonderful combination of soft and gentle watercolor / Photoshop that produces warm and lovely illustrations . Her artworks are impressing , Shishi’s illustrations makes people feel that her illustration have a soul , so beautiful and real , romantic , soft.


“I’m so hot and I know it”

well only people who live in south Asia knows the feeling it is when “summer” never stops.

Here is Brahma – A Bull ballet dancer

Shishi Nguyen in collaboration with the illustrator Thai Than Do

The rain falling remind me of you
Because it’s falling hard ,
and I am too.



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What makes Shishi Nguyen so special ?

She is talented, her art bring the feeling of cozy , peaceful , expressive, cute , endearing .

All images are the property of their respective authors.

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Khoa Le

Khoa le is a famous freelance illustrator, painter and graphic designer, who comes from Vietnam. Based in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), she was graduated from University of fine arts in 2008. She found notoriety in 2012 during the group exhibition Art Expo Malaysia 2012. People describe her artwork as “ The mysterious princesses “

She describe her own artworks as whimsical, dark, yet vibrant – source :


Khoa Le art

Khoa Le, Under the Weather #illustration

We choose to introduce you 2 among her illustration, intending to let you understand her art :

This illustration is one of her most famous work. As we can see, in this illustration the hair of that girl looks really like the wind blow it , bringing mystery in the apparent simplicity. Feel like she is happy while enjoying her coffee , with the wind blow her hair . Illustration is peaceful and definitely linked to the fact how Vietnamese people love coffee.

The second one is about Cinderella. An expression on her reality marked by red color apparently warm breaking with the apparent loneliness of the main character. A slight view in the story with words on mirror :

” Once upon a time there was a widow who had two ugly , mean daughters.
One day she married a rich gentleman , who had a beautiful and sweet daughter “

What makes Asia EMarket like her work?

  • Beautiful
  • Mysterious
  • Dark
  • Gorgeous
  • Yet vibrant