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Ghibli in Pixel art

The Ghibli studios are object to many regards from all over the world, and it’s not a hazard if one of their movie “Spirited away” have been ranked number 4 in best movie of 21st century by the BBC. The colossal work of Ghibli inspire artist, fan artist and geek culture which always find a way to transform it.

In this serie, we will see the best of Ghibli realized in 8 bits as it would appear in old generation of video games. The pixel art as a trend more and more include in a contempory design movement.

Princess Mononoke.

8-bit-Ghibli ashitaka

8-bit-Ghibli Mononoke

Porco Rosso.

8-bit-Ghibli Porco Rosso

Castle in the sky.

8-bit-Ghibli le château dans le ciel


8-bit-Ghibli Pompoko

Howl’s Moving Castle.

Probably one of the most amazing production from Ghibli studio translated in pixel art. The moving castle itself in a first picture, follow by the team in a second.

8-bit-Ghibli le château ambulant

8-bit-Ghibli château ambulant

Kiki’s delivery service.

Or when Kiki and her cat flying with the seagulls.

8-bit-Ghibli Kiki la petite sorcière

My neighbor Totoro

8-bit-Ghibli Totoro bus


All the onirism of one of the most famous character for japanese, Ponyo, before being discovered.

8-bit-Ghibli Ponyo

The cat returns.

8-bit-Ghibli le royaume des chats

8-bit-Ghibli chat

Spirited Away.

A moment immortalized in collective memory or when the Noh-Face purpose all gold he can produce to a “too pure” Chihiro not ready to accept it…

8-bit-Ghibli chihiro bis

… and a more comic situation in the elevator when the little cutie should share the place with a massive, and smelly, guest.

8-bit-Ghibli Chihiro

More than a “like-catching”, we really wanted to share this images from this wonderful studio which always spread onirism in its stories, and realize than the imagery coming from Japanese subculture, and coming from geek subculture becomed a mainstream trend of contemporary age, and not anymore a hidden universe use by some.

Why do we like these designs in AsiaEMaket ?

  • Original
  • Expressive
  • Imaginative

8-bit-Ghibli Logo

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