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Kawaii Hoodie

Hoodie is a sweet-shirt or shirt with a hood. It’s a clothes which has a very long history and we can find traces of it in the 12th century where workers in England was wearing it to fight the cold weather. It has been popularized by monks which around the world spreading their religion was wearing a similar clothes.

In modern days, it’s in the 30’s than the American garment brand decided to reopen history and produce hoodies to help workers in New York with a confortable & hot sweet-shirt.

Nevertheless, it’s only in the 90’s with the development of Hip Hop culture than more and more hoodies started to be visible in the everyday life. It exists different kinds.

In Asia Emarket, we display kawaii hoodie, at cross cultural between fashion and kawaii, our hoodies, which has a really strong rooting in Harajuku, Tokyo, are always soft to wear and easy to recognize.

In Korean culture, the hoodie is more a Hip Hop hoodie, in black and white, destinate to all Kpop fans.

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