Kimono is an old traditional clothing style from Japan still in use nowadays.

“Kimono” the beauty and spirit of Japan which made from the finest silk, cotton or even recently denim, each intricate design and carefully placed stitch has meaning and history .

Kimono was the Japanese word for clothing . But now “Kimono” has been used to refer traditional Japanese clothing.

Certain symbols are strongly believed to bring good luck. These include pine, bamboo, plum, flower, crane and turtle.  Any of these may feature in design – usually one of the most expensive, high quality silk kind.

There are different types of kimono for different occasions and seasons, including those worn by men. Kimonos can also reflect the four seasons in their design. Kimono represents spring may have cherry blossoms, summer may be expressed by using dragonflies or fireworks and autumn could be symbolized by  the maple leaf, winter may be expressed in a snowflake design.

Kimonos can be worn in everyday life, reserving them for such occasions as weddings, funerals, tea ceremonies, or other special events, such as summer festivals.

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