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//Ze Zen Shop

Ze zen shop is inspired by traditions, ethnics & travelers. Confortable & traditionnal outfits and accessories from all over Asia.


Zezenshop, or ze ZEN shop, is providing the experience than Asia provide. Calm and serenity, bording the waterfall in Lao, Bali or even China, respect and luxurious Nature in the mountains of Himalaya.

ZeZenshop, on Asia emarket, has been strongly inspired by traditions, ethnics, and travelers.

Contrasting world, from ultra modernity to rare village coming from centuries before.

The shop provide the traditional experience from countries : we will find here all traditional outfits from Asian areas.

In Japan, Kimono and Yukata provides happiness and easy life to people. When, traditional Qingdao brings the “chinese dress” to a new age.

Tai – chi :

It’s also, and mainly, the work from ethnics all over Asia, providing jewelries, bags, purses, comfortable linen outfit or silk. stylized scarfs, and much.

ZeZenShop is a call for meditation and let the time running slow.

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