Double Deck Lacquered Wood Bento Lunch Box


The surface is smooth and doesn’t scrap the hands with it’s raw lacquer from tree (safe and nontoxic). It is the perfect bento lunch box if you want to eat outside but stay classy.

Size: 18x9cm
Height: 10cm
Material: Wood
Net weight: 350 – 390gr
Volume: 1000ml

Free Shipping Worldwide: 10 – 29 days

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This double deck lacquered wood bento lunch box is a wonderfull product for a nice lunch at school or at work when their is no restaurant but it is even better for a picnic into the woods.

It is not just a good lunch box with its two compartments, it is also a beautiful object with its lacquer on the surface and its simple design. The Bento is sell with a wooden spoon and chopsticks.

Size: 18cm x 9cm
Height: 10cm
Material: Wood
Net weight: 350gr – 390gr
Volume: 1000ml

Free Shipping Worldwide: 10 – 29 days

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100% Brand new, premium quality


  1. Don’t put it into the microwave.
  2. You can not exposure it to the sun too much.
  3. Don’t let it too long in the bleach.
  4. You can not use hard objects scrubbing the product.
  5. Don’t let it in the dish detergent water for a long time.

Classy isn’t it?

A little bit more about Bento ?

History of Bento

The origins of the Bento [ 弁当] can be traced to the twelve century during the Kamakura Period [鎌倉時代] (governance of Japan by the Kamakura Shogunate) when people of the country developed the first hoshi-ii [糒](dried rice). At the beginning of Edo Period江戸時代 (1603 to 1867), bento culture became more refined and the meals were more developed with onigiri 🍙(white rice presented into triangular or cylindrical shapes and filled with tuna, salmon or other salty and sour ingredients). It has been very common in the country since the day schools and companies did not provide lunch during the Meiji period (1868 – 1912). The students and teachers had to carry bentos, as did many employees. Finally, the bento has made its way to other Asian countries bus most in Taiwan in the first half of the 20th century where it is now called Bendong.

Additional information

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 10 cm


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