Japanese cute Tanuki backpack


Japanese cute Tanuki backpack.

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Japanese cute Tanuki backpack.

Details about Japanese cute Tanuki backpack.

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About Kawaii ?

The term Kawaii means litteraly “cute” in japanese. The term is in a wide measure is used to talk about “what is cute”. Note : In japanese calligraphy it is “可愛い” even if it is often written only in Hiragana,”かわいい“.

The kawaii movement found its origins in the 70’s in Tokyo with the empowerment of adolescent girls who developed their calligraphy to a rounder style, with touches of cuteness such as flowers, stars.

It has been developed during the following decades and it is now a flagship movement for the Japanese pop culture, and a very famous trend in Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo. It does not confine anymore to the Japanese archipelago, it has been used to spread japanese influence around the world and the movement since expanded into other Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea or Singapore and at a thinner scale in western countries.

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Weight 250 g


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