Yukata dragon soul mountain modern style trendy cute

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Unique size: Bust: 131cm Sleeve: 31cm Length: 71cm

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Yukata dragon soul mountain modern style trendy cute purpose an ultra cute design mixing many symbolism from japanese & chinese culture by worshipping the most powerful mythologic animal among all : the dragon .

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Material: Cotton,Polyester

Yukata are becoming more and more trendy through Asia as new generation desire to preserve their tradition in a modern world.

Unique size – Length 73cm, Sleeves 28cm, Bust 118cm

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Shipping time :
USA | 13-15 days
West EUROPA | 13-15 days
Japan, south Korea | 12-20 days
Australia | 15-30 days
Rest of the world | 15-45 days

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About Kimono Cardigan on Asia Emarket ?

Easy to wear, ready to go ! Enjoy the unique taste of japanese design provided by our collection of Kimono Cardigan. Being the king of party won’t matter anymore as you’re already into “the spirit”.

Yukata dragon soul mountain modern style trendy cute

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About Kimono Cardigan ?

Our Kimono cardigan mainly made from polyester and cotton, or our elegant range made of cotton can be seen as the modern, and urban, alternative to traditionnal japanese yukata.

About Yukata ?

Yukata [浴衣] is made of cotton or synthetic fabric, wrapped around the body and fastened with a sash (obi). Yukata are made with straight seams and wide sleeves, the Kimono for summer. Yukata are worn by men and women during the summer months and after bathing at onsen (hot spring resorts) and ryokan (traditional inns).

Today, Yukata is common at summer festivals and fireworks displays, particularly for young women and children.

“Yukata for men generally have darker or more subdued colors, while that for young women are usually bright and colorful, often with floral designs. Yukata for matured women tend to be less flashy.” Source Japan-guide.


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1 review for Yukata dragon soul mountain modern style trendy cute

  1. Kane

    Good store with a good product. Recommended.

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