Yukata Koi Trendy japanese design

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Unique size – Length 78cm, Shoulder 62cm, Bust 124cm

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Yukata Koi, or carp, express the sensuality. A traditional pattern Yukata to mix with casual modern clothes for a better effect. Coming in 2 colors : black and blue.

Material: Cotton,Polyester

Yukata are becoming more and more trendy through Asia as new generation desire to preserve their tradition in a modern world.

Unique size – Length 78cm, Shoulder 62cm, Bust 124cm

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What is Yukata ? 

Yukata is made of cotton or synthetic fabric, wrapped around the body and fastened with a sash (obi).

Yukata are made with straight seams and wide sleeves, the Kimono for summer. Yukata are worn by men and women during the summer months and after bathing at onsen (hot spring resorts) and ryokan (traditional inns).

Today, Yukata is common at summer festivals and fireworks displays, particularly for young women and children.

“Yukata for men generally have darker or more subdued colors, while that for young women are usually bright and colorful, often with floral designs. Yukata for matured women tend to be less flashy.” Source Japan-guide.

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Weight 200 g

Black, Blue

1 review for Yukata Koi Trendy japanese design

  1. Cherrie K

    Recommended, nice quality kimono, I bought 2 kimonos here.

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