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5 countries of Pacific Asia with Backpack Garden

5 countries of Pacific Asia with Backpack Garden


Japan is an amazing country, very unique in the world. After being closed to the world for centuries and develop the consciousness of samuraï. The country provide amazing sightseeing, volcanoes, beach, temple, as an incredible urban lifestyle with themed restaurant and themed area. We can enjoy there like nowhere else in the all world some very specific japanese culture related activities : Sumo, Kimono, Manga, Sushi, Shinto temple, Japanese castle, traditionnal handycraft … A true visit in an unique country than we cherish a lot at the backpack Garden.

Mont Fuji from Kitadake

Top point ( of the day ) ? 

Enjoying Akihbara, an area in the heart of Tokyo than every Otaku* in the world would love for gaming, doujinshi, self-made manga , maid cafe and cosplay as for enjoying idol band and the most famous of them AKB48.

The choice of Alan Parker in Japan ? 

Trendy, classy and funny, the clown backpack will offer you a real popularity in Tokyo who use to have these type of representation as interaction, fashion victim will probably ask you where did you buy it ? 

Korea ( we mean South Korea … ) 

South Korea has surprised the world by its fantastic economic success. From a poor country, south Korea developed a lot of fascinating process, and big company, Samsung in the highlight, to become now one of the top economic country in the world. The quick growing let on the road the old style ajuma ( old lady ) than you can appreciate as a tourist but some of the best place to go out and shop as Korean fashion has also been deeply developed.

Top point (of the day) ? 

We stay in Seoul and we decide to select Gangnam ! So, the area is worlwide famous thanks (because?) the Gangnam style of PSY but it was already the case before ! Top point for luxury fashion, and best club in town, Gangnam is worth the visit ( the imperial palace as well. If you appreciate the Korean beauty, it’s also a key place to go specially at spring when flowers blossoms ).

The choice of Alan Parker in Korea ? 

Well established in black and white fashion, you don’t need to look too trendy in south Korea, except if you are ready to spend a very huge amount of money. Alan Parker advice to go with a very reasonable priced black backpack, strass will help you to gain popularity.


We don’t talk much about the island, and we are wrong. Taïwan is very interesting on many points. There are old ethnies living there on the East seaside coast, the island was colonized by Japan before, then back to China, before becoming relatively independant when they decide to leave chinese communism to build a own new country. Life in Taïwan is incredibly peaceful compare to its high degree of development. A place to have a sweet life with high standards.

Top point (of the day) ? 

Hmm. We decide to leave to the east and Hualien county before reaching Taito. The ethnical part of Taïwan offer a wide range of customs than the visitor will definetely find as interesting.

The choice of Alan Parker in Taïwan ? 



China is a massive country. Nearly a continent. Talking about China in just a few sentences is partially a non sense. That’s why we focused on the old imperial civilization than China has been, developing world treasure as the forbidden city, the old city of Xian, and now developing new architecture and unique design. A country growing quickly in despite of its weight.

Top point (of the day) ? 

Alan decided to leave for the mountain of the east, or Taishan, one of the Five sacred mountain at west of Beijing and for cause, it’s said to be the departure point of imperial China more than 3 millenary ago and numeral references bring the mountain of the east as the one we should visit for success. ( it’s also beautiful like hell actually ! )

The choice of Alan Parker in China ? 

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was UK, it’s China since 1997 but still having an autonomous legal system. Well know for its central island, and its building, Hong Kong is an amazing small territory for its cinema, famous in Asia, for its local food “Dim sum”.

Top point (of the day) ? 

Even if Victoria Peak is an “have to visit”, we decided to bring you in Lamma island ( 30 minutes by ferry from Central – number 5 ) at the winter. Because the pacific turtle reproduce them on the south side of the island, and also because in despite of the high density of population living in the Hong Kong territory you will discover a no man’s land ( and maybe it will give you some harmonies ).

The choice of Alan Parker in Hong Kong ? 

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Creating a backpack

Creating a backpack needs a complex chain of steps. From choosing materials, designing the style or patterns to completion of product, it’s a combination of every meticulous stage. We found a post that comes from a visit to Riutbag factory we would like to share. Following here is several stages to complete the product.


CUTTING MATERIALS Once the factory has created its final manufacturable version of the plant , it knows how much of each piece of material it requires. This means it can put in an order with each of the material manufacturers and have that amount delivered to the factory. Using their final manufacturable version of the company, they know what each of the pattern pieces needs to look like too.

Starting with hundreds of yards of each material, the factors has different sized cutting moulds prepared. At least more than 1000 of each piece will be cut.

It’s difficult for us to imagine the process required to make thousand of rucksacks. That’s double number for straps each of which is made of more than 10 pieces – thousand pieces in total just to make the straps! – and a large number of zip pulls, for instance. So if there are 80 pieces which make up each backpack, that’s more than hundred thousand pieces in total to cut and collect.


Using their mould, it’s placed over hundreds of layers of each piece of fabric required for the given bag design. The mould is placed on by hand and a machine is used to press the mould over the material to cut it, one shape at a time. When required, tens of production line cutters will cut pieces by hand if needed.


EMBROIDERY AND PRINTING All the details on the fabric you see – embroidered logos, panels, designs or prints – must be added after the material is cut and before the pattern pieces make their way to the production line stitchers. Piles of cut material make their way up to production line to begin being sewn into individual parts of the bag. One or two people are given the design, they practice it under instruction of the production line manager and then make as many as is required.


In the case of each brand, the front panel is embroidered with the brand logo. This will be embroidered by machine on to 1300 panels by one or two people. The same goes for the printed logo on the inside tablet holding panel. Once they are ready all material is stacked and moved to the production line.

SEWING SMALLER COMPONENTS Thinking about a backpack, there are some individual pieces which must be made first before the whole bag is constructed by one person. Each strap must be constructed first. So one person has the task of learning to make, refining their approach, testing and then creating more than 100 components each day.


Unless the design lends itself to doing two processes in one, the person will systematically do one process at a time. 1) Sew inner foam to mesh padding; 2) sew foam/mesh padding to outer; 3) sew adjustable chest strap holder to rest of strap; 4) attach glider; 5) sew binding on to outer panel; 6) sew outer panel on to rest of strap as so on. This is to make one component. Other components on the bag which must be finished before final construction include the large padded strap at the top of the knapsack, bottle holder compartments and the three-compartment laptop holder.

MAIN BAG CONSTRUCTION This is the bit that one person does. A single person takes all of the components and builds them step by step into one bag. Depending on the size of the order, there maybe one or many people completing this stage. At the beginning, you’ve got pretty small piles of flat components lying around. But once you’re at this stage, the thing you’re producing by the end of each process is pretty huge! So the piles of finished productions is a small mountain. That means a smaller number of bags is practical to handle at any one time. For a medium sized backpack, no more than 40 can go through this final process by one person before being finished.

QUALITY CONTROL One person takes the final version, cuts off all the individual threads sticking out and tests the bag. The bag is turned inside out to inspect each seam, the finish on zips and corners. Having to cut the threads off the bag all over gives this person the perfect reason to look at every seam, nook and crannie. You might think this is an impossible task for one human to do; but once you’ve done one of two bags your eyes start seeing differences very quickly. Anything that looks out of place might be invisible to a consumer, like us, who hasn’t seen 100 others, but to this quality control and thread checker the design is imprinted on their mind for this production run. Finally, they are counted, stacked and sent to the packing room.

PACKING When your bag is completed it makes one more trip in the factory. It’s counted, put into its own protective packaging and a carton – cardboard box – for shipping. One person does each of these steps. Of all the rooms in the factory, this room had the least bustle.

WHAT ABOUT ETHNICS BACKPACK? We are always amazed when travelling around South East Asia, to see how people can handle this hard process in an artisanal way. Of course, the model displayed will be more about transmitting sewing skills, and the bag will be less resistant than those made through industrial process ( depending on the factory … ), we wanted to share a few places where you can find those backpacks if you are around : – Sapa, Vietnam ( definitely the center of ethnics culture from North Vietnam, and south China – we love their scarffs either ) – Dalat, Vietnam ( the main ethnic city in south Vietnam, must see for road trip in the middle of coffee culture, and for night market ) – Bangkok ( To go to Narayana Phand Shopping center where the Thai brand called Naraya ( google it if you don’t know about ) – Bali & Jakarta to find some IKAT, a special rare tissu, than can help producing nice backpack and bags.


That’s it for the process to make a backpack. Just let you know, we used the information from Riutbag company. However, each brand has their own production of making backpack, this is only for reference.

[the content using reference source at:]


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Backpack or “bag-cat”?

When it gets hard to find a cute backpack we can just go for a cute bag cat !

Why is cat considered cute?

Cats have a unique kind of cuteness. They show affection through their large green eyes, they depict playfulness by chasing laser lights and toy spiders, and they become a part of your home, by lying on their backs with their legs perched up in the air.

They are unaware of being adorable

The main culprit is that we’ve evolved to have a strong weakness for human babies. We find “baby features” like large eyes, small noses, large foreheads, disproportionately large heads, etc. to be absolutely adorable. This weakness of ours is crucial for helping our totally helpless children stay alive. As an unintended consequence, this also extends to other animals who happen to share the same features as babies… like cats do.

Furthermore, cats have a lot of infantile personality traits (which we also find adorable, again because it helps us not murder our kids), like playfulness, curiosity, coyness, and above all: affection!

Always be curious about everything

Cats seem to have caught on to our weakness for babies. Did you know that a cat can change its meow to imitate the cries of human infants? They may not do it on purpose (although they are quite diabolical), maybe we train them by reacting strongly to “urgent baby-like cries”, but one way or another they’ve learned that they can trigger our parental instincts.

[source: and]

Backpack or a “bag-cat”?

Due to their cuteness, people demonstrate them as the most loveable animals. That is one of inspiration for designers to create their backpacks based on this adorable pet. Many types of trend have been made for cat lovers from the cute backpack, girly backpack  to the high-quality one.


The cutest bagcat.

The girliest bagcat.


The most beautiful bagcat.


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Cute Backpack from Harajuku | backpack garden

Cute Backpack from Harajuku by Backpack Garden powered by AP Limited. In the backpackgarden, Alan Parker express his passion for Japan through backpacks.

The story of the store started when Alan, back from Japan for the 1st time offered a bag to his sister. Little by little, everyone in town wanted to have one and finally Alan opened the backpack garden, here is the collection of cute backpack but the store also offer Girly backpack , Travel backpack, Luxury backpack, Leather backpack.

Go Straight to Backpack Garden or enjoy their bags below ! 



Do not hesitate to buy your products directly here, or to visit the backpack Garden.