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Harajuku shop is inspired by intense modernity, cute products, and fashion style coming from Manga.

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Inspired by new trends from big cities in Asia, Harajuku shop represents on Asia Emarket all new kawaii trends coming from Asia.

By extension, it represents products coming from pop culture, manga, k-pop.

Why Harajuku ? 

Because, Harajuku, a small area in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, is a real laboratory of trends, where colors, lolitas, cosplay, kawaii mix each others looking for the new accessory or the new hoodie.

Harajuku shop is bringing the experience of being in a multi-connected world, sometimes crazy, sometimes cute, to help trends searchers to find their style. We love animals, and you can find a lot of kawaii clothes and accessories related to them on HARAJUKU shop. Hope you will enjoy your purchase as we enjoy to know than somewhere in the world a trendy person love the Harajuku style.


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