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collection fukai

Collection  Fukai

The collection Fukai is very appreciated by fans of the genre. 100% cotton bound by designs each more original than the other printed on the object, each piece is a collector’s item that can be worn as well in Otaku events as in everyday life. Aiming for quality, and ease of wear, Fukai has abandoned all items made of polyester, a material that facilitates printing, in favor of cotton clothing. The prints give both the impression of a vintage object, while maintaining the standards of a new T-shirt. With an ever more precise RD approach, the Fukai collection has one or two new, limited models every week, and we offer a significant discount on one model every week to allow you to test their products at a lower cost. The collection, in accordance with its approach, has kept affordable prices, for objects of everyday life with attractive designs for the greatest pleasure of Otakus*.

Real limited art pieces at a reduced price.

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