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The story of Backpack Garden

The story of Backpack Garden is a fantasy created by Alan Parker.

Chapter 1. Alan Parker and the Backpack Garden

Alan Parker was a little boy with a deep sense of curiosity in despite than he was, as his sister Laura living in a countryside, not too far away from a bigger city. Out of that, he was a ordinary boy, with common taste for gaming, watching animation and enjoying playing outside with his neighbors.

The only thing which made him different was his particular interest for a culture coming for the extreme east of the world “where the sun rises”, the Japan.

As a boy, he was watching some of the most famous anime of his time. Dragon Ball, of course, captain Tsubasa as well, among Saint Seya and a few more.

What is Captain Tsubasa anime? It is a popular long-running Japanese manga, animation, and video game series, originally created by Yōichi Takahashi in 1981. The series mainly revolves around the sport of Association football focusing on Tsubasa Oozora. The series is characterized by dynamic and exciting football moves, often stylish and implausible. The plot focuses on Tsubasa’s relationship with his friends, rivalry with his opponents, training, competition, and the action and outcome of each football match.


What is Dragon Ball anime? It is a Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama. The initial manga, written and illustrated by Toriyama, was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995, with the 519 individual chapters collected into 42 tankōbon volumes by its publisher Shueisha. Dragon Ball was initially inspired by the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West. The series follows the adventures of the protagonist, Son Goku, from his childhood through adulthood as he trains in martial arts and explores the world in search of the seven orbs known as the Dragon Balls, which summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered. Along his journey, Goku makes several friends and battles a wide variety of villains, many of whom also seek the Dragon Balls.


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   By time going his interest for Japan was becoming stronger and stronger until he could finally buy a ticket and leave for the grand adventure of his life : Tokyo, Japan, after he studied, a little, of hiraganas and katakanas, the specifics japanese alphabet.

As a young adult, he was only 19, he kept his fascination for the country of Samuraï, even if he was not able to save enough money to travel until the Kansai at his first sightseeing of Japan, and to the old imperial capital of Kyoto. “It will be done the next time” he thought.

Landing in the airport of Haneda, Tokyo, he felt deeply welcoming by one of his heroes, San Goku, before arriving to his hotel, in Shibuya.

He was so excited than even being exhausted by a long trip he wasn’t able to close his eyes,waiting for the morning coming. The day started early and brought him a lot of emotions. After seeing Hachiko statue, he walked to Yoyogi Koen before enjoying Meiji Shrine. Pursuing his road he fall on the craziest street he could imagine.

In the heart of Shibuya, the cos-players, and new fashions, meet each others: The area was named long before Harajuku ( in Japanese原宿(はらじゅく). He went around the crowded street for hours and hours when he saw a backpack full of ingenuity and he immediately thought than “Laura will love it, she loves rabbit so much”. He bought it for his sister.

He went around Tokyo til the end of his journey, thinking about happiness of his little sister discovering what he wanted to offer to her.

After a few more days he left Tokyo to return home, full of memories. 

Once home, Alan met Laura who was waiting for him. He talked a lot about everything he saw in Tokyo, and spent even more time to talk about delicious dishes he had. He was particularly impressed by the taste of Takoyaki.

Takoyaki was small fried balls covered the small octopus inside, you can have them on the street in several places, it’s particularly popular during Matsuri, and summer festival. Tasty and easy to eat it could be eaten as a salted snack or as main dish.


Laura received her gift. Emotive, as she naturally is, she felt immediately in love with and she decided that it will be her new school backpack from now.

Chapter 2. Laura Parker and the school promotion.


Laura went to school for the 1st time with her new backpack than Alan offered her from Harajuku.

More than the backpack itself, Alan gave to her sister a very special pencil trousers, and some cute pencil making a perfect mix of genre for the cute girl she was.

Laura was exciting to let her friends meet her new favorite backpack and she was not disappointed by their reaction.

She was a popular school student. As beloved by her friends who wanted to be popular as stared by other guys, even older. She was pretty and stylish, and in despite of all her natural qualities, she acted modest which actually made her even more pretty and stylish.

She was the advisor of a special council she created under idea of her brother. Girls reunited to defend the interest of the weaker girls. It was because she felt so lonely at a time than Alan had this idea. He wanted his sister being surrounded by friends, and love.

The day she went back to school with the bag, her friends felt in love with the backpack, they all wanted the same, or at least, something similar. She has to ask to Alan, after school, to find something relevant to grant their wishes.

Chapter 3. Laura Parker’s friends and their love for backpacks.


Who is she? Stacey is Laura’s best friend. They always spend time together because they have been in this friendship for 10 years. Whenever they go out, they dress up exactly the same, like sisters. If Laura has a new thing such as new backpack, she will offer to Stacey to have the same and vice versa. They enjoy wearing match so that they can be looked like twins.

What backpack does she want and why? Because of their long time friendship and they have anything in common, Stacey thinks it would be great if Alan can bring another backpack that he bought for his sister-Laura.


Who is she? Victoria is another close friend of Laura and Stacey. They have known each other for 3 years. Actually Laura met Victoria in the first year of high school, and Laura introduced her to Stacey after that.

What backpack does she want and why? Victoria was a little bit jealous of Laura because her amazing brother brought back a fancy backpack for Laura. Victoria would love to have one as well, but hers has to be more beautiful than Laura’s and it can come with any price as Victoria is quite rich.



Who is she? Just like Victoria, Rosy is also Laura’s schoolmate. They met while they are joining in the cheer-leading group at high school. Moreover Rosy was introduced to Stacey through Laura. That’s how 3 of them know each other.

What backpack does she want and why? As the sweetest girl in the group, Rosy would like Laura to ask Alan to choose for her the backpack which can express her feminity the most.



Who is she? Alice joined in the group of friend since they took part in Stacey’s party. Alice and Stacey are studying in the same class in high school. They are close friend. Alice is also curious about Laura’s backpack present as she gently asked Laura to get one.

What backpack does she want and why? As Alice is an old-fashioned and lovely girl, she told Laura that she wishes she had a simple with vintage style backpack.


Chapter 4. The rival school team and their wishes.

As Laura’s backpack given from Alan Parker story became popular, Taylor – a cheerleader from rival team in another school – met Laura and her friends wearing their fancy backpacks in a cheer-leading competition. Taylor with her team took steps to Laura and made a mess with her as well as her friends. They teased Laura’s team about the uniform, the style to the backpacks on shoulders of Laura’s friends.

” You guys just feel jealous because you don’t know where to buy these cool and unique backpacks like us”, Stacey said. Obviously, they knew they can ask Laura to own ones, but they don’t have any guts to do it. Therefore, Taylor told Laura that her brother cannot satisfy their wishes because he does not have ability to fulfill this challenge.

Victoria said in proud:”Of course Alan can do it, he can find for me a better and more luxury backpack than Laura’s, then yours would be easy, just tell him what you want”. Laura whispered in Taylor’s ears:” Tell Alan, your wish will knock your doors”. In response, Taylor requested that they would like to have the backpacks with the same model but in different colors for 10 girlfriends including her.

Laura came home with anxious face which made Alan be curious about what happened. In confusing state of mind, Laura told Alan about the rival girls she met today and their challenge for her brother. “Take it easy, I will search for them following their desire”, Alan said in calm.

For 2 days, Alan disappeared. He finally found the right one for those girls. The backpack with elegant and adorable look at the same time along with a variety choices of fantastic colors.

Chapter 5. A journey to visit ethnic communities in North Vietnam.

When Alan Parker arrived to the North of Vietnam, he was traveling around every province; from Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Sapa, to Ha Noi, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh. Meeting mountainous people such as H’Mong, Tay, Thai, Dao and more, he was attracted by the diversity of ethnic minorities through their traditional clothes as well as cultural activities. Minority people here live mainly depends on agricultural economy.

Alan was wearing the leather travel backpack for this trip.

.The Tay, Nung, and Khmer peoples had reached high levels of development with the presence of various social strata. The Muong, H’mong, Dao, Thai peoples… gathered under the rule of local tribal heads. Moreover, they had mastered some farming techniques.They grew rice plants in swamped paddy fields and carried out irrigation. Others went hunting, fishing, collecting and lived a semi-nomadic life. Each group has its own culture, diverse and special. Beliefs and religions of the Vietnamese ethnic minority groups were also disparate from each other.

Swamped paddy fields behind the mother and the boy
A Dao woman in her traditional clothes

Inspired by the beauty of ethic communities in North Vietnam, he decided to expand his perspective about another direction for pattern on backpacks. He continuously kept the idea of bringing value of ethnic to everyone and hopefully they will imagine how wonderful it is through his story.

In the end of his journey, he finally found the very first precious ethnic vintage backpack, waiting for somebody who feels the same way as he did to take it.

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To be continued …

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